Press and media work for the licensee of three handbag brands. Our team delivers comprehensive service from classical media activities through to online communication and new media.


Our input:

  • Theme development and planning.
  • Cost and budget planning.
  • Creating and designing press releases and newsletters.
  • Placing press information and interviews.
  • Blogger cooperation activities.
  • Mailing press folders.
  • Media monitoring and clipping services.
  • Organising press conferences.

Book Production

Our client is Europe's biggest book producer. We have partnered the company in the implementation of new digital technologies and process optimisation since 2013. Whereby overcoming resistance to new developments and estrablishing a positive climate for new technologies are not infrequent assignments. CCR creates and places PR articles in print and online to launch innovative production processes and technologies, e.g. Quantum®- Technology in professional journals and branch media addressing the target industrial publishing partners.


 Our input:

  • Theme development for diverse B2B target groups.
  • Interviews with medium-sized publishers on current topics within the branch.
  • Designing and placing testimonial campaigns in the official gazette of the book trade.
  • Thematic and  creative development of concepts for the Leipzig Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • Development of workshops for B2B clients in new technologies and process optimisation.
  • Copy and design of newsletters and PR ads on current themes of the branch.
  • Media monitoring and, if required, initiating counter measures for optimum coverage.


Our client is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company in the field of mitochondrial medicine with its own research and product development facilities. The company manufactures nutritional supplements and conducts its own studies on the application of its products. CCR has serviced the company with interruptions since 2001.


Our input:

  • Professional articles in medical periodicals.
  • Organisation of professional lectures and presentations.
  • Establishing and cultivating contacts to specific B2B target groups such as natural health practitioners, doctors, clinics and pharmacies.
  • Organisation of fairs and international congresses for the holding group „IMMA“.
  • Translation of professional articles for end-consumer media while observing pharmaceuticals legislation on advertising and avoiding "effect statements".
  • Setting up cooperative agreements with joint ventures in the field of mitochondrial medicine.
  • Cultivating contacts with universities and other teaching institutions in the scope of scientific studies and for new product developments.