Dialogue in Darkness and Silence

A networking evening with speedboat jaunts at a beach club to launch the event. On the following day an extraordinary experience: communication training in absolute darkness and silence conducted by visually handicapped and deaf trainers. Impulse presentations and as conclusion the experiment "blindly understaning one another".

Orchestral Team Experience

Participants and orchestra are grouped together in the concert hall. Participants experience cheek by jowl just how a successful orchestra works, the role of the conductor, how disharmony arises when soloists play in the foreground and how the harmonious interplay can be transposed to the workday.

Let’s rock Berlin

A community meeting with 150 delegates. An unorthodox team event: in Europe's first music hotel the participants have composed a song, rehearsed it with vocal coaches and ultimately recorded it in the hotel's own studios. During the party the night prior the team event had already been broadcast with a beatboxer under the involvement of all participants.